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Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto - Sicily - Theatre of a town

  • Il Teatro Comunale Placido Mandanici

    Il Teatro Comunale Placido Mandanici

    (ph Pietro Calderone)
  • La platea del Teatro Mandanici

    La platea del Teatro Mandanici

    (ph Pietro Calderone)
  • La platea del Teatro Placido Mandanici

    La platea del Teatro Placido Mandanici

    (ph Pietro Calderone)

Placido Mandanici Teatro Comunale

modern theater, 1,000-seat
art direction by March 31, 2016


Building a theater season is how to start writing a story.
The ink or a computer keyboard on one side and a blank page on the other ...
Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto is both the blank page and the ink that night after night will make up the story, told by those who are on stage with those sitting in the audience, along with those who will enjoy, reflect, laugh or move you.
There is no theater if there is not a community that is found in the theater, it is recognized. Just as there can not be a square, a bar, a club if there are not faces, looks exchanges that are the premise of that sense of sharing that makes us choose to live in a land rather than in a ' other. The theater is an ancient rite and at the same time modern, unique in its non-repeatability: a living person in front of a live audience and the choice to devote another hour of their time. Experiencing the same pace. By connecting to other hearts heart and brain and other brains, login by iphone and ipad, skype and facebook. Beautiful and useful things that do not exist for an hour.
I am honored that the Administration headed by Mayor Materia has given me the opportunity to experience this new work and life experience, and I am sure that together we will build a living theater for a living community.