The director’s craft

Written by augusto.

My job is to tell other people’s stories to other people
Giorgio Strehler

Working in the theatre

My job in the theatre is about making people and things clash to create emotions.

The show is the paradigm, the idea is to make something happen here and now. Never the same, never again.

Leading a theatre company, directing actors, curating an art exhibition with live urgency, this is but one and the same job to me. What changes is time, length, rhythm. It may be a sprint or a long-distance run, but to me it is just one and the same job.

A theatre that travels. A theatre that recalls faces, stories, smells, fabrics, lights and colours, those same I met during my journeys.

I move about according to the season. I am a nomad: I travel, I wander, I meet people, I learn. I take my enthusiasm with me during my travelling across East Europe, all the way down to the South of Italy or back to my homeland again, in Liguria. I start from a need. The need is about getting to the right place where I can best express my craftmanship.

Sheepmen and traders migrate: the former look for better and greener fields, for more spices to sell the latter. I always carry with me Puglia’s sun, Rome’s rain, Genoa’s wind, Milan’s cold and Poznan’s snow. Travelling is about being at the same time from Genoa and the odd one out somewhere else.