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Teatr Nowy - my theatre abroad

Poznań Teatr Nowy – Poland

Resident Director – 2006–2014

Stage productions
Pirandello’s Six Characters in search of an author / Sei Personaggi in cerca d’autore (Szesc postaci szuka autora)
122 performances, on stage from 2006 to 2010)

Carlo Goldoni’s The con man / Il raggiratore (Oszust)
170 performances, from 2009 to 2014)

Federico Fellini’s The White Sheik / Lo Sceicco bianco (Bialy Szejk)
73 performances - from 2012 to 2014.

I was introduced to Poland and the Polish culture by Pietro Marchesani, one of the best renowned Italian scholars for Polish Literature. It was thanks to Pietro that I produced the play The Madman and the Nun by Witkacy. It was thanks to Pietro that I got involved in the setting up of an exhibition around Bruno Schultz’s works. And it is defintely thanks to Pietro that Kantor’s The Dead Class was published with Luigi Marinelli’s first Italian translation.
In 2005 I invited Janusz Wiśniewski and his Faust, a Teatr Nowy’s production, to Italy - in those days Janusz was the artistic director of Teatr Nowy. It was the beginning of a great collaboration between me,Janusz and Teatr Nowy: an amazing experience.
Teatr Nowy is the theatre where I became resident director and where I produced three new plays: Pirandello’s Six Characters in search of an author, Carlo Goldoni’s The con man (Il raggiratore) and Federico Fellini’s The White Sheik. In Poland I also discovered another art related to theatre: Polish theatrical posters. Later I designed an exhibition around these unique beautiful works of art. The exhibition - i.e. Tutto il Teatro in un Manifesto (Theatre in a poster) - was held at Palazzo Ducale (Genoa) in 2009 and moved to Rome at Villa Doria Pamphilij the following year.