Odyssey a Mediterranean Tale

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  • Dario Vergassola & Davide Riondino

    Dario Vergassola & Davide Riondino

    Odyssey a Mediterranean Tale - Albisola Marina (ph. Max Valle)
  • Teresa Mannino

    Teresa Mannino

    Odyssey a Mediterranean Tale - Albisola Marina (ph. Max Valle)
  • Roberto Alighieri, Sergio Maifredi & Paolo Rossi

    Roberto Alighieri, Sergio Maifredi & Paolo Rossi

    Odyssey a Mediterranean Tale - Arsenale di La Spezia (ph. Max Valle)
  • Amanda Sandrealli

    Amanda Sandrealli

    Odyssey a Mediterranean Tale - Pieve Ligure (ph. Max Valle)
  • Moni Ovadia

    Moni Ovadia

    Odyssey a Mediterranean Tale - Camogli (ph. Max Valle)

Concept and production by Sergio Maifredi

Odyssey – A Mediterranean Tale is about going back to the power of oral storytelling, to a flesh and blood storyteller that brings every page of the Odyssey alive.

It is a production performed in several parts - Odyssey is the first installment fiction. Each short story is absolute and unique. It is the audience that works on the “film editing” each night by using his/her imagination. I asked a different actor to play the storyteller for each of the 24th Homer’s Cantos. I did not choose the most gifted among theatre actors rather those among them that could be called artists and would be able to speak to a large audience pro-viding their own original readings of the poem. The production has been on a tour across Italy and Switzerland, set both in amazing natural landscapes and in Greek and Roman ancient theatres as well as in some of the most impor-tant Italian Theatre Festivals.