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Teatro Vittoria – Attori & Tecnici theatre company

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Rome – one theatre in a big city

Teatro Stabile di Interesse Pubblico
500 seats
Executive director since 2010
20 productions per season
220 performances +10% increase in the audience per year

It was almost Christmas when, on December 2009, I first answered the phone to Viviana Toniolo, actress, artistic director of Teatro Vittoria (Rome) and of the historical theatre company Attori & Tecnici.
The offer was interesting and the job intriguing: she asked me to take on as their production manager at Teatro Vittoria and for their theatre company Attori & Tecnici.
Attori & Tecnici is a theatre company founded 30 years ago, their productions are good ones and they are staged in one of the more truly authentic neighbourhood in Rome.
I started travelling more and more to and fro: Genoa, Rome, Barletta (Bari), Rome Genoa and then Poznań. By taxi, train, plane.
The usual B&B was always there ready to welcome me. Teatro Vittoria needed to be remodelled, to find a new identity in Rome, and to conquer a new audience without losing the old one.
Branding was the priority, so that people would distinguish it from others.
The theatre needed a strong branding strategy but the company, Attori & Tecnici needed it too if their shows were to go on tour once again. A search for identity led us back to the theatre company’s origins thirty years earlier, when they based their acting on hilarious comedy plays, filled with rhythm and a strong team work. We sat down and worked on selecting the perfect playwright and the right play. Once we had a plan we set off with a new production.
The first night was sold out and quickly all performances were.
Soon the show was scheduled for a three-year tour.